The best underground museum Krakow

In Krakow you can find a lot of numerous monuments as well as attractions. It would seem that the former Polish capital never really falls asleep and thus every tourist, regardless of the season, can find something for themselves. However, more and more often, due to such a large variety, many tourists have no idea what to see. So what to focus on?

A lot of diverse attractions in Krakow

Indeed, Krakow is a very popular city. Definitely every year many tourists come here, not only from the country but also from abroad. It should also be remembered that this is a typical student city, which is why there are also many young people there.

underground museum krakow

When deciding to visit the former capital of Poland, it is worth setting your travel schedule accordingly. Certainly, if the weather is very nice, it is worth going for a long walk around the city and thus visit its biggest monuments. However, often the weather may not be good, so what to do in this situation?

If the weather in Krakow is not very good, it is worth visiting numerous museums. The underground museum Krakow (see more on is a great choice, among others. It is this place that is located a few meters below the market attracts many tourists. There you can learn the history of Krakow from the very beginning of this city. In the underground museum in Krakow you can also find numerous monuments. There are, among others, numerous props from past eras. Thanks to this, we can be witnesses of history. It is certainly a great place not only for adults. With the help of numerous films and attractive animations, even the youngest children can find many attractions there.