The most popular monuments in Warsaw

Every year, many tourists come to Warsaw. This is not surprising, because it is a very attractive city. So why should you visit Warsaw and what can you visit in the Polish capital?

Warsaw is becoming a more and more popular destination

Few people are aware that Warsaw, like no other European capital, was severely treated by fate during World War II. As a result of ongoing fighting, nearly 90% of the city’s area fell into ruins. Unfortunately, including the most valuable and oldest monuments. In the 1950s, many facilities underwent hasty reconstruction, often without the support of conservators and using low quality materials. Thus, to a large extent negatively affected their finish. Fortunately, today Warsaw’s monuments have been given the chance to regain their former splendor.

Numerous renovation works are carried out more and more often, which are carried out, among others, from the city’s resources, but also often even private investors decide to fund many such works. For this reason, this city is becoming more and more popular, not only among Polish tourists, but also those coming to Poland from abroad. You can hear different languages ​​of the world in the streets of Warsaw recently. There are certainly many places in the city that are worth visiting.

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