Popular jewish quarter Krakow

Krakow is a very attractive city that is visited by many tourists every year. However, we should not forget that we will find there not only attractive monuments and modern museums, but also many historical monuments. So what is worth visiting while in Krakow?

The eagerly chosen jewish quarter Krakow

The former capital of Poland was teeming with life definitely before the war. We could meet many people of various nationalities who not only traveled through Krakow, for example on business, but also lived there. In fact, people spoke many languages ‚Äč‚Äčevery day in the Krakow market. It was a very diverse city in terms of culture, which unfortunately changed its character a bit after the war. https://www.seekrakow.com/en/zwiedzanie-kazimierza/

Apart from Polish nationality, Jews constituted a very large group. It was they who traded in many things in this old town as well as conducted their own businesses. We should not forget, however, that in Krakow, very close to the market square, there was a jewish quarter in Krakow. When visiting the jewish quarter in krakow, we can get the impression that we are in a completely different district, somewhere in a completely distant country other than Poland. After the war, many monuments in this district remained, because Krakow was not so damaged. Until now, we can find a synagogue there as well as numerous shops and restaurants where the inscriptions are in Yiddish. We should know that this is the current district of Krakow – Kazimierz, which attracts many tourists of various nationalities every year. It’s worth being there at least once in our life.