A museum in Warsaw – find out interesting facts about most popular alcohol in Poland

Warsaw Vodka Museum is a place, in which you will find out many interesting facts about the most popular alcohol in Poland. Vodka is a part of such events as weddings, birthday parties or just meetings betweem friends. What can you learn at the museum?

Location: most symbolic of all

The museum is placed in nineteenth century buildings – old complex of Wytwórnia Wódki Koneser – old vodka factory. Between world wars, there were prepared most popular drninks, such as Wyborowa or Luksusowa. The buildings were renovated, but still, they look amazing.

The exhibitions are placed inside one of the buildings. They are highly interactive, which makes the whole thing a lot more interesting. Not only can you learn interesting facts about this alcohol – you can also watch a movie about it. Although, keep in mind that the museum can be visited only by adults: children are not allowed to see the exhibitions.

What can you see at the museum?

The exhibitions cover more than five hundred years of history of vodka making. You can check, how did the process look like many years ago and how does it look now. The differences will definitelly surprise you!

If you have ever wondered, why is this drink so important to Poles and what are the most interesting traditions concerning vodka – you can find out all that at the museum. What is more, all of the tours are prepared in both Polish and English on daily basis. However, if you’d like to see the exhibitions, but neither your English, nor Polish are good enough to understand it – contact the museum staff: there is an option to have an exclusive tour with guide, who can speak another languages (i.e. Italian or Spanish). Be aware, that this option is only available with further notice (at least a couple of days) and paid in advance.

At the end of the tour, you get one of a kind chance: you can check out the best polish vodkas made of wheat, potatoes or rye – all that under supervision of an experienced museum worker, who will gladly answer all arising questions.

For more details about polish vodka museum check http://nizio.com.pl/polish-vodka-museum/