Warsaw Vodka Museum – fascinating place not only for alcohol fans

Warsaw Vodka Museum is located on Praga district in the capital of Poland. It’s a place only for adult visitors, so keep that in mind when you’re traveling with kids. You might want to find them another fun activity, when you will be visiting this fascinating place.

Many options of visiting

You can not only buy tickets for a regular visit – if you’re coming with a group of friends, you can also order individual trip. There are tours in English and Polish on daily basis, while other languages (such as German or Spanish) require earlier information.

Those, who want to taste not only the knowledge, but liquor itself, might just get the chance to do so. After very informative trip, it’s possible to try traditional polish vodka.

Why here?

The museum is placed in an old complex of vodka rectification, originally built in 1897. The buildings were renovated and now are used as part of the museum. 

The exhibitions cover around 600 years of polish vodka making tradition. You can learn not only how it’s prepared, but also what materials are used in order to create this unique taste and the taste atttributes. Museum ticket also covers a voucher to try the vodka from polish factories.

Huge fans of this alcohol can also learn, how to prepare drinks with it. Courses are organized regularly, so there is a high probability, that even when you’re not living in the city, you’ll still manage to check it out.

Some of the exhibitions are interactive, which might please fans of the newest techologies.