Why should we go to the Cracow?

Travel has become an important part of the lives of many people. Visiting and exploring places allows you to gain new experiences and experience unforgettable adventures. One such place is Krakow.

Of course, Krakow as the former capital of Poland has many monuments and attractions that you must see. One of the historic buildings is the Barbican erected in the 15th century. Initially, it was surrounded by a moat, and now bicycle paths. Of course, the “must see” point is FloriaƄska Street, which is accessed through the Florian’s Gate. The pedestrian area has plenty of boutiques and designer stores. This route leads to the Main Square, where there are St. Mary’s Church with observation tower, the Cloth Hall, Town Hall Tower, Adam Mickiewicz Monument and underground tourist route. Krakow is an ideal city for lovers of walks. Historic streets include Kanonicza, Grodzka are very charming and effective. The next point to visit is the Wawel Hill – Wawel castle and Dragon. If you want to visit the Wawel Castle, take a look at the Wawel castle tour https://www.seekrakow.com/en/wawel-royal-castle-tour/. In this way, you can see as many interesting things as possible in a relatively short time.

Krakow is really nice place to visit. It has a lot of different things that tourists can do. A lot of monuments, numbers of clubs, lots of possibilities to spend your free time – it all is included into Krakow’s sourroundings.You can also use one of the famous Krakow tours, like Wawel Castle tour. You can do almost everything that you want. That’s why it is worthy to come to Krakow!