Popular walking tour in Cracow

Definitely the former capital of Poland is a place that is often visited by many tourists. In particular, you can hear languages ​​from almost all over the world on the Krakow market. So what is worth visiting in Krakow? What sights are the most popular?

The greatest monuments of Cracow – the best walking tour in Cracow

Visiting Krakow should begin with one of the largest symbols of Krakow, or St. Mary’s Church. In fact, it is the arch-presbytery church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and, contrary to many opinions, is not at all on the Market Square in Krakow. The address of the church is completely different. It is worth adding that this square was once a cemetery, which was liquidated only after the Austrian invader introduced regulations requiring the removal of cemeteries from city centers. There is another church on the Market Square in Krakow, it is the church of St. Adalbert.
St. Mary’s Basilica is a Gothic building from the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, but the church stood in this place around 1221. The most characteristic symbols of the church are two towers. 82 meters high tower and 69 meters lower tower. From this first one the famous St. Mary’s bugle call resounds. An important monument in the church is the altar of Veit Stoss made in the years 1477-89. Visiting the basilica is possible during the week. Entry to prayer is free. When deciding to explore other sights in this beautiful city, it’s worth choosing the popular Cracow city tours. This is a very good solution especially when the weather is nice.