What to see in Zakopane?

Visiting Poland means also seeing the best places in the country. Among them, there is Zakopane: a lovely town located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. What can be seen there and why is it a place worth visiting?

Unusual townfolks

People who live in this town are one of the nicest and probably the most hospitable in the world. Everyone who stayed at guesthouse run by a local resident during their Zakopane tours will confirm, that the time spent with those people is amazing. One question is enough and their guests get everything they need! Amazing food, especially.

Tatra Mountains

The fact, that Zakopane is set near Tatra National Park makes it an amazing place to stay. This way, trips across the mountains will be easy and the journey will not take much time. While visiting, one should not forget to check out one of the most amazing Polish views: Morskie Oko Lake.

Skiing? Why not!

A trip to Zakopane during winter time usually means snow – quite a lot of it. Thus, skiing is a great option to spend time, for those who enjoy it. Many hotels inform on their pages, how far from the closest ski lift they are located.


While visiting Zakopane, no one should forget about the most representative street in the city. Many restaurants and shops or stalls are located there – thus, it’s really the best place to buy gifts, souvenirs or just eat a really tasty meal in a beautiful location.