Why should we visit Ojcow National Park?

Nowadays, a lot of people decide to travel far, especially abroad. It is very easy to travel around Europe nowadays, because the borders are open and thus it is not a problem to fly to the popular European capital for one weekend, for example. Poles more and more often take advantage of this opportunity, but a lot of foreigners also come to Poland. In particular, they are tourists from behind the western border. It is relatively cheap and above all safe in Poland. There are also many attractive monuments that are worth seeing.

Krakow is a very popular city among foreign tourists

Without a doubt, Krakow is very popular among foreign tourists. Many people are not eager to come to Warsaw, but are just visiting the former capital of Poland. It is caused, among others, by the fact that many monuments remained in Krakow, that were not destroyed during World War II. However, one should not forget that the area around Krakow is also very nice.

Being longer in a given Polish capital, it is worth visiting, among others, Ojcow National Park. Here you can see beautiful views, as well as wildlife that is growing peacefully. The National Park Ojcow is a very popular castle built on a large hill. It was here that many movies were shot. However, one should not forget that there are many caves in this National Park, that are open to the public. It is also worth to admire the numerous rocks, and the hallmark of this National Park is certainly a large rock, called the Hercules club. Everyone should come here once in a lifetime.

For more information please look here: https://www.seekrakow.com/en/ojcow-national-park/