Zatorland – fun and knowledge

Most of the places can be one thing at a time: they are either about learning things or created strictly for pleasure of the visitors. But it is worth mentioning, that there are also some places, which try (and succeed!) to offer both knowledge and fun.

Where science can be entertaining

Zatorland is a complex of smaller parks, located in Zator: small town in south Poland. This is a great place to learn interesting facts about insects, dinosaurs and even… mythology. During the visit, tourists can see huge, interactive sauropods or scary T-rexes, replic of the Trojan horse, huge ladybug and many more. All the exhibits are prepared to smuggle knowledge while spending time in an interesting way with the family or friends.

For active kids, the park also prepared a special funfair zone with many interesting attractions, such as carousels, trampolines, devil’s wheel, slides and many more.

How to get there?

Zator is a small town, but luckily, it’s not that hard to get there, even without a car. Firstly, at the weekends, there are special buses, which deliver tourists to the park. Even for visitors, who would like to check Zatorland in week days, it’s possible to get there without their own vehicle: by train or taxi.

Everyone, who would like to learn some new things and have fun at the same time, should visit the complex of park in Zator. It’s a place definitely worth spending some time in it!